I am Moving Up


I am constantly looking for ways to improve my blog and make it more enjoyable my readers.

One thing that I knew had to be done and I kept putting it off was to move from a free hosting site to my own personal site.

So before the blog got so big that it would be a major undertaking I decided to bite the bullet and buy my own site.

If you haven’t already noticed all my blogs are no longer here, that’s because I have been working to get them moved to their new home. Everyone is now moved in and the only thing that is missing is you so come on over and check out the new place. I think you will find it looks very similar but over the next few months you will notice lots of new features that I am beginning┬áto learning

10269538_10203144014897752_1911899717106435222_nThe Boys are waiting for you to come see the new digs click on their picture and they will show you the way